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Home Energy Audits in Bucks County, PA

Audit Your Bucks County Home or Businesses’ Energy

Ensuring that your heating or cooling system is operating at peak efficiency is an important factor when it comes to your home energy expenditures, but it’s not the only one. Based in Levittown, our HVAC professionals at Robaire Company, Inc. have been serving our customers in and around Bucks County since 1985. We can reach you quickly if you’re in Fairless Hills, Newportville, Bensalem, Langhorne or Morrisville. One service we provide to our customers in these towns and throughout the Delaware Valley is to do a home energy audit for you.


What’s Involved in a Home Energy Audit?

Our energy auditing service is where we go over a thorough checklist of items that may negatively affect your home energy expenditures and then make suggestions on how to fix the issues we discover. We have applied our years of experience to create this thorough list of things to check, which include:

  • Checking your furnace, boiler or other heating system and your air conditioning system for any inefficiency.
  • Checking your attic for any holes or leaks.
  • Inspecting the insulation in your attic and walls to ensure it’s doing its job properly.
  • Checking the holes that pipes or electrical cables pass through for gaps or leakage.
  • Inspecting the outside of your home for gaps, cracks or leaks around the foundation, walls, eaves or joints.
  • Ensuring your family’s safety by checking for carbon monoxide.

Following the inspection above, our highly-trained technician will do a blower door test. Basically, this involves closing all doors and windows and then using big fans to depressurize your home and this exposes the leaks and gaps where the hot or cold air from outside is rushing into your home. All of this testing taken together enables us to come up with a prioritized list of items for you to have us handle to increase your home’s energy efficiency.


Our Home Energy Audits Save You Money

Energy auditing is definitely worth it for the money it can save you in both your summer and winter energy costs. The degree of savings will vary based on how many and the severity of any issues uncovered, but if you have the feeling that a lot of your home energy dollars are being wasted, you may be right. Let our HVAC professionals uncover this waste for you, so you won’t be unnecessarily running up your home energy bills every year.

At Robaire Company, Inc., we are full-service HVAC professionals who have served a wide variety of residential and commercial customers over 30 years in business in Bucks County. Our home energy audits are great at saving you money, and below you’ll see a host of services we can help you with that you should contact us about:

Heating Services Icon

Whether you have a furnace, boiler or some other type of system to keep you warm, we can handle your commercial or residential maintenance, repair or replacement needs.

A/C Repair & Installation Icon
Air Conditioning

We are trained to do service and maintenance on your air conditioning system and to install a quality replacement at competitive rates if your current system has failed.

Home Intelligence Icon
Home Intelligence

Control your door locks, thermostat, lighting, garage door opener and so many other home systems with your laptop or smartphone from anywhere on the planet.

Home Energy Icon
Home Energy Audits

As mentioned above, our HVAC professionals will follow a thorough checklist of factors that might be increasing your home energy costs.

Commercial Refrigeration Icon
Commercial Refrigeration

As a business, losing money and product because your refrigeration fails is not an option. You can trust our experienced contractors to do what’s needed to keep your refrigeration up and running at maximum efficiency.

Boilers Icon
Boiler Service

Boilers need regular maintenance in order to operate at peak efficiency, and our highly-trained professionals can help with this as well as a replacement if needed.

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